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Back in friend and P. Are you Batman, Spawn, or Davone?

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C on the mic Schoolboy Q announced the 'Groovy Tour' which was a month long tour and made sure Ab-Soul accompanied him on this groovy rap tour. You know Revelations say we livin' in the last days I mean, I see you skimmed through Genesis and Timothy But did you get to that page?

The demon shaped silhouette of Marshal Mathers. Are you from Ab soul dating or from Watts? However was a topsy turvey year for our Abs.

Exclusive! Ab-Soul Talks Dating Model Yaris Sanchez & High Weed Tolerance

Listen to the battle here. Live reviews Ab-Soul Say farewell to your former self, because life will never be the same after an Ab-Soul show.

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With years of Black Hippy in his locker room, was the year Ab-Soul produced his long-awaited debut record 'Longterm Mentality.

This is a guy with one hand on the hip-hop throne, and the other inside your brain.

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Struck down with a rare virus at age ten, Herbert as he was known then would free-style online, in text. Now three albums in and his latest record 'These Days' released this year is sending him on an acclaimed US tour. Common roll the physics, so exquisite, thought I was in here dolo No bro, somebody tell Soulo this not a solo mission The deal closed, SoHo is it Thought you could fuck with Miguel?

The full lyrics to the battle from Ab-Soul's "These Stargate atlantis grace under pressure online dating Ab-Soul wasn't as profound as these class acts, his voice hadn't been heard yet, but this super group would be the start of Ab-Soul's evolution as a prestigious California rapper.

He is also an exceptional live performer.

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It's crucial, you choose, I'm sure you don't want me to assume I should be against the law to run into Cuz we all know in LA I'm double you Wall so true Today is the day I split Day in two What the fuck has battle rap turned Day into?

His lyrics are excelling and it's clear to see now at 27, Ab-Soul has matured into this lyrical beast, being tamed by the masses that turn up to see him live. Ab was delivered the news that his long-term girlfriend died and this led Ab into a black hole of sadness.

That means you better break-fast, or I'll have your family mournin'' When that bird sings, kid, I ain't playin' and you know it But you know what?

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You think your little arm'll get in the way of Armageddon? It took him a couple of years to find his feet in the rap industry. Forget it Day, no, really, forget this day If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to see Just how many people would say "Yes" to Day yesterday Nobody, fam, nobody, fam, that's why I'm ahead to day No, no body found, that's why I'm a head today No, nobody found, that's why I'm ahead of Day Somebody check the clock, I think I'm ahead a day Send him to the choppin' block, off with the head of Day It's only right I be blunt to Lyt I only gave Lyt a match to light a blunt I see I should have used the lighter instead Chill Loc, we ain't smokin' no purple, we need the fire instead When I think of Daylight, I think of shit like Breakfast, morning, birds singin', kids playin, see where I'm goin'?

If so, you were wrong Hold on, I got one more, and don't lie to me Do you really have a Batmobile outside, my G? Shed some light on Day?

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Did you really think "Paul Walker" was a dope song? A date is a day that's marked I'm smart, and just cuz I know you love 'em so much I came with name flips for days, tailored just for Day I'm expecting Day to base his verse on data based on turds My database said Day the basehead that date a basehead Is he dope?

Personally, I think he should have kept his real name as his rapper name too No tales from the Crip this evening, he slip Seems he forgot what the C meant cement It's your dumbass fault Asphalt that last part was so concrete But I guess you'd have to be Ken to get that bar beat, pardon me I bet right about now you feelin' like Jordan down in the Jordan Downs In fact it's crazy you even play ball to clear your thoughts Before raw backwards And that's cool, but for this round Save the BULL before you let the Jordan Downs and Jordan down Now, as for the crew, well, uhh, the villain been itchin' to skin a dog And this nigga bought, what, a hundred and three Dalmatians?

No, who gave Day the base? Ab-Soul's rapping career began back in When Ab-Soul takes to the stage, pandemonium ensues.

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However like all talented souls, Ab turned this dark heart into a masterclass piece of work, and producing his best album 'Control System,' dedicating the album to his girlfriend.

He drifted through the hip hop filled air for many years, becoming closely associated with Kendrick Lemar and then forming super-group 'Black Hippy.

Or just another fruit in this room?

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Round 1 Before we start, let me just say this, let me just say this I'm dating you Day Wait, wait, pause, no gay shit What's the difference between a date and a day anyway Day?