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The Z disc marks the end of the sarcomere, and is formed by a disc-like membrane. SR Tropomyosin blockage restored, blocking myosin binding sites on actin; contraction ends and muscle fiber relaxes.

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Excess of positive ions creates electric current action potential 7. Irritability Ability to receive and respond to a stimulus Contractility Ability to shorten when adequate stimulus is received 25 What functional properties allow a muscle to perform its duties?

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A lot of energy! Calcium ions bind to troponin; troponin changes shape, removing the blocking action of tropomyosin; actin active sites exposed.

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The sarcolemma cell membrane is surrounded by endomysium connective tissue. When you breathe heavy after physical activity, your muscles are trying to get enough oxygen for aerobic respiration to replace all of the ATP you used!

The whole series of events beginning with the nervous system signal takes just a few thousandths of a second!!!

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And, can supply energy for hours at a time! And, only supplies energy for seconds of activity!

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So, striations are formed by the locations of actin and myosin filaments. Therefore, we have to have other ways of supplying energy…. Nerve impulse reaches axon terminals 2.

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Buildup of lactic acid is not good… promotes muscle fatigue and soreness. And, only supplies energy for 30 seconds of activity! Conductivity Ability for impulse to travel along plasma membrane of muscle cell Elasticity Ability to recoil and resume original length 26 What role does the nervous system play in muscle movement?

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T tubule Sarcolemma SR tubules cut Synaptic cleft vesicle Axon terminal ACh Neurotransmitter released diffuses across the synaptic cleft and attaches to ACh receptors on the sarcolemma. The H zone lacks thin filament, so it looks a bit lighter than the rest of the A band.

Contraction; myosin heads alternately attach to actin and detach, pulling the actin filaments toward the center of the sarcomere; release of energy by ATP hydrolysis powers the cycling process.

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ACh diffuses across synaptic cleft and attaches to receptors 32 What steps occur to stimulate muscle movement? Then your muscles will begin…….

Chemical Neurotransmitter ACh — acetylcholine released 3. Muscle contracts another whole set of steps!