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A levels physics paper 5 notes on dating, lecture notes of 9 pages for the course unit 1 - general physics at cie (alevel physics)

For all questions, your answer must be specific and not too general. The conclusion required will normally be the value of a constant Candidates should be able to: The number of marks allocated for the question usually shows the amount of working needed.

CIE AS Physics 9702

The number of marks allocated for the question usually shows the number of answers needed. This object would have a constant horizontal component of velocity, while its vertical component would be subject to a constant downward acceleration due to gravity.

A zero error occurs when a needle on an ammeter fails to return to zero when no current flows, or when a top-pan balance shows a reading when there is nothing placed on the top-pan balance. Sometimes, only 2 of the 4 answers required can be found in my list, and sometimes, all the 4 answers required can be found in my list.

If you do so, marks may not be given for the extra answers, and marks may be deducted if any of them is wrong. You should also include other steps required to set up the apparatus if you did not show them in the diagram.

Physics 9702 (A-Level) Notes

You should draw the tables before carrying out the experiment so that you can record your readings in the table straight away during the experiment.

You do not have to look into a crystal ball and write down numeric predictions You may need to apply your Physics experimental skills to answer some questions. You have to think carefully and relate the question to what you have learnt.

Say which on you are going to change and by how much the range over which you will change it. Say what will need to be controlled and why - using theory to explain it. However, if the calculation is too complicating or if it involves logarithms, there is an alternative method.

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Experiments also have controlled variables. You should show all workings and do not skip any important steps. The order must be logical! It may well be your preliminaries that helped you decide on a suitable range!

A Level Physics Paper 5 Tips

This object would have a constant downward acceleration. Paper 5 Question 2 Analysis, Conclusions and Evaluation - When answering, read the question and all information given carefully. The line should pass through as many points on the graph as possible, all the points should be close to it and the number of points above and below the line should be almost equal.

For all the points, their diameter should not be larger than half a small square. In this question candidates were required to design a laboratory experiment to investigate how to determine the spacing between wires of a fine mesh using light of a single wavelength.

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Then, draw the error bars based on the uncertainties of the values given in the question. Do not replace them with other terms that are inappropriate, even if their meaning are the same.


This often involves the gradient, y-intercept and rearranging of equation. My list is based on the mark schemes for past year questions. In other words, they design an experiment so that changes to one thing causes something else to vary in a way that the scientist can describe as a 'trend'.

Certain questions may require your knowledge and understanding in Physics to answer them. Use a suitable scale for both axis and do not use any odd scales such as 3: On the other hand, if your answer is wrong but some of your explanation is correct, you may still be given some marks.

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This answer should only be used if the measurement is difficult to make and parallax error is very likely to occur. Some sensible discussion of coherence Use of laser or single slit and lens in collimator Measurements: Posted by Admin at.

You should not skip any important steps. Marks are usually not deducted for spelling errors in experimental and Physics terms as long as it still sounds the same and that it is not easily confused with other terms.

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Paper 3 - During the test, read the question and all information given carefully. Don't forget to say that the experiment was repeated, how many times it was repeated etc.

An object upon which the only force that acts on it is gravity that is, other forces such as air resistance is negligible is called a projectile.