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Manhunt Files and Kripo live respectively. In Germany[ edit ] The private broadcaster Sat.

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Ummenhofer, Stefan and Thaidigsmann, Michael: Aktenzeichen XY is the only German television format to have entered the American market, where it is known as America's Most Wanted and was broadcast from This included murder cases.

So gut wie echtSpiegel Online, April 23, On 8 Novemberthe broadcast of the th episode was celebrated, after Aktenzeichen XY had been on the air for 35 years.

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The idea came to Zimmermann during his work with the programme Vorsicht Falle! This gave him the idea to use the medium of TV to work with the police on unsolved crimes.

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The viewers frequently sent him information regarding descriptions of the fraudsters on the programme. ScammersHustlersand Conmen. After the programme's th episode he passed the presentership onto Butz Peterswho fronted the show together with Zimmermann's daughter Sabine.

Internationally[ edit ] The format has been sold to several countries, including Great Britainwhere it has been known as Crimewatch sincethe Netherlands Opsporing verzocht,Israel Crime Investigation,Poland "Magazyn Kryminalny ",; " This misunderstanding was, however, cleared very swiftly.

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The first colour episode of Aktenzeichen XY aired on 16 January History[ edit ] The creator and first presenter of the programme was Eduard Zimmermann.

Eduard Zimmermann was the guest of Rudi Cerne on his own programme, which concerned a several-decades-old crime that had particularly touched him - the abduction of a young girl named Ursula Hermann, who was buried alive in a crate for extortion on September 15, a case similar to the case of Barbara Jane Macklealthough the Mail Online states that the inspiration actually came from Dirty Harrybut suffocated in her prison because the ventilation duct was clogged up by leaves.

Although news reports had often shown photofitsan actual independent show of this type was unknown at this time. In a biographical statement Zimmerman also admitted that his motivation for both programmes was partly a personal one; he himself is a victim of fraud.

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