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Talk about your assets! So there you have it.

Metal Festival At Sea! “70000TONS OF METAL”: Sales Dates & First 16 Bands

Regardless, it was a great cruise and UMC brought bands onto the ship which the North American audience would otherwise never be able to see live. There was so much energy, on and off the stage, and smiles all around - killer set and great way to "end" the first day of music.

Let me know what you think down there. From tothe festival took place between Monday to Friday, and then from Thursday to Monday beginning in I swat it away and continue bouncing around, before retreating back to the hot tub and then going downstairs to grab a sandwich.

I have run two marathons in my life. Finntroll Speaking of Pool Deck - it actually was finished on time, but due to the delay at the Chorus Line Theater which swindled from 45 minutes to roughly 20 minutes by that time the trolls from Finntroll started just a little bit after their scheduled We relax for the remainder of the afternoon before heading to the Ice Rink for Dying Fetus.

Hot, Hot, Hot! BraveWords Gets Up Close N’ Personal With The 70000 Tons Of Metal Pool Girls!

By the time their intro came out of the speakers, the entire pool deck was filled to the brim. The musical focus was on extreme metal genres like Thrash, Death and Black Metal.

It's the instant acceptation the minute you meet some metal heads in black shirts among the sea of Miami's South Beach "silicon enhanced" babes and buff dudes.

With the exception of Swallow the Sun performing 3 shows on board in It has returned once more. How wrong I was. There are also 70000 tons of metal girls dating VIP areas, artists and fans are on the same level, hanging out and partying until dawn!

Angra - ‘ Tons Of Metal’ Recap Video | Music News @

For the Pool Deck stage, a separate pool was drained and covered to make room for the audience. After Overkill, I rejoin my friends for a quick dinner, before heading to the Pyramid Lounge for another pounding from Demolition Hammer.

After they finish, I head back to the room and see both my friends snuggled in their beds. Fortunately, the Ice Rink performance by Suffocation reinvigorates me.

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On the way to breakfast, I see the giant polymer clay jewelry making classes in bangalore dating hanging from the ceiling in the elevator.

After taking his annual picture with the crowd cheering in the background, I head to the Alhambra for the final set of the fest: In the approximately four-year preparatory phase Piller went on several regular cruises, found investors who supported the project with grants in the millions and founded the company Ultimate Music Cruises, of which he is managing director CEO.

While everyone else seems to hit up the All-Star Jam, where members of onboard bands perform covers of metal classics, my friend and I catch a few songs of Trauma before heading back to our room.

It seems I cannot escape it. One thing has to be said though; the sound was not all that good during their set and it didn't get any better when Symphony X played afterwards neither. The Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas, one of the biggest cruise ships in the World, offers guests complimentary fine dining, 22 bars and lounges, 24 hour room service, and a host of activities and on board amenities.

The stage is actually rather big and could be compared to any midsize venue in North America.

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I head to the pit, people patting me on the back as the opening riffs blare forth. I have gone through basic training in the military.

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As the Super Bowl is now in its fourth quarter, Frank goes on a rant about how much he hates Tom Brady and asks the audience for updates between songs.

Background[ edit ] Swiss concert promoter Andy Piller is the initiator and organizer of Tons of Metal. I know, should have went, but I already planned to watch them on the Pool Deck at another day.

I turn around and there it is: Unfortunately, this year's voyage was also somewhat bitter sweet since it was the last Tons Of Metal cruise on board her Majesty Of The Seas.

Tons Of Metal - Day One: The Voyage - Metal Storm

You can feel the vibe on board that everyone is equal. I next catch Vreid in the Pyramid Lounge, whose gusting black metal is punctuated by chunky rhythmic breaks.

Gloryhammer It's cheesy, it's funny, it's silly but it was one of the highlights of the first day on Tons Of Metal - ladies and gents - Gloryhammer.

But before I get into the nitty and gritty details, here are some stats from the fourth installment of the self-proclaimed world's biggest heavy metal cruise: Just imagine having people from all over the Globe on the same ship. After three songs, I think I figure it out: How long have you been a 70K Pool Girl on the greatest floating metal concert on the planet?

After finally waking up and getting some food around noon, I decide to walk ashore for a bit. The "athletic rock" brothers John and Mark Gallagher put on a great show and I was hanging around the lounge for a while to catch up with friends while over at the Chorus Line Theatre Obituary apparently ripped the audience a new one.

FESTIVAL REPORT: 70000 Tons Of Metal Announces First 16 Bands & Sales Dates

Luckily, my buddy Matthew Zinke from matthewknowsphotos was on hand to at least bring some visuals of their performance. I shit you not, the entire Pool Deck was laughing. With sweat dripping down my body and alcohol coursing through my veins, I decide to change my attire.

The stage is about a foot off the ground and therefore the fans are really up close and personal with their idols. Bets were actually being made if the stage would be ready in time for the first band at Put those crabby claws in the air guys!

The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise

Since I already had plans for Hatesphere 's second set scheduled on Wednesday, I made my way over to the Spectrum Lounge to at least catch a little bit of those Danish dudes. Even with Nile and Gojira recently dropping out of the lineup due to circumstances beyond their control, it was hard to be too upset considering their replacements were Carcass and Cryptopsy.

We are also a media team, interviewing bands and fellow cruisers to provide fun and entertaining media while we all wait im patiently for the next Tons Of Metal. I look like a complete poser. Serious kudos to those who are involved in making this happen btw. It was way past 5 in the morning when I finally made my way back to my cabin and I found myself humming the melody to "Magic Dragon".

I head back to the top deck and hear a few Vreid songs from the jacuzzi before heading back to the room for the night. Therefore, the top five countries were the same as last year, while the rest of the top ten switched around some.

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The consensus was that the line-up lacked some "heavy hitters" especially in the power metal genre and I tend to agree with this assessment. At this point, my group splits up again, with me heading topside to catch Overkill on the Pool Deck.

Overkill Food, drinks, cigarette and off to Overkill I went, or so I thought. Ship, Caribbean, what is missing? After a few minutes, I feel a bit better.