Can you use a watt rms amp with a watt rms sub Can you use a watt rms amp with a watt rms sub

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Too many final transistors without increasing the power supply transformer can weaken the thump of the bass and the sound is less stable, hoarse etc. I am wanting to buy an amp for my subs Any one know which would be best it is a watt rms system.?

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Transistor driver must also be original! I always imagined that as long as you pump a nice clean signal thru the amp to the speakers, that the speakers could generally stand more than thier stated power rating. I have heard as a rule of thumb that you need 1 farad per watts, again that's just a rule of thumb and I'm no expert.

Strictly speaking, there is no such a term as rms power, never-the-less, it is commonly used in audio circles. That is the AC watts compared to direct current power. It will be that once you turn things up the amp will be providing its nice and clean rated 10, watts when you crank it - but your speakers' excursion limits will have been long since exceeded and the speaker will be in your lap.

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The lucky number in the case of a watts to rms conversion is. At the point where the regular speakers start to distort, turn the volume down just to the point that the music is clear then slowly turn the gain dating lancelot 720pizle on the amp just to the point that the sub starts to distort then turn it down to the point it sounds clear with no distortion and you just balanced your system.

I don't think I ever had a car amp at a higher power rating than my speakers. Regarding the OPs question and being conservative sorry ydI'd go with a 50W 2 channels amp for the 6x9's and W single channel for the sub.

RMS means root mean square and watts means power.

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I don't know how accurate a guesstimation that turns out to be. Watts root mean square is the effective value of alternating current electrical power compared to direct current power.

Scroll down to related links and look for a neat pressure converter at "Root Mean Square" und knowlege about "Watt". Also, if your speakers are, say, 8 ohms and you bridge them to one amp in mono, the ohms drops to 4.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? We used to figure you want twice as many watts feeding your sub as you have for the rest of the speakers i.

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If they are car subs and not converted home speakers, they are probably 4 Ohms each. How on earth do you measure the total combined enery being produced? How do you find out what the RMS rating is?

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Can you use a watt speaker with a watt amp? Turning down the amp will lower the gain, but will not output less watts.

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This amplifier watt rms with a maximum power supply voltage at the load 45vct 2x speakers. If it will handle a 2-Ohm load, you will have to turn it up slowly or you will blow your speakers out.

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By that I mean if your speakers are rated for watt power handling and you hooked up a 10, watt amp it isn't going to be the amp that causes your troubles per se. On the other hand, too little watts is a bigger problem; you go to turn it up and the amp is clipping even though the speakers can handle more power.

There is really no wattage in "rms". Speaker leaves more stable, not too advanced and not too far back even if exposed to shocks bass, speakers and power transistor expectations more durable.

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Seems like overkill to power a W sub with that though, you might not need more than a 1 farad since the sub won't be able to handle much more than that Your amp is watts what is the rms of the amp?

After you hook the amp up, turn the gain all the way down, turn the stereo up as loud as you can.

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Anything above that is risking it, but remember that a W RMS amplifiers is only going to produce it for a little while due to the dynamic nature of music. Convert watt to rms?

Speaker using2x watt 12 ", 15" per mono block amplifier, speaker total 4 units to 1 stereo amplifier. There are perhaps cyclists all doing their own thing. Use Power Amplifier Watt RMSInside and outside the room Power supply Power Amplifier Watt RMSTransformer with a current strength of at least half of the nominal voltage, to compensate for a 4 ohm load 2x 4x speakers such as stereo amplifiers professional standards, eg transformer 40Vct 20Amper.

Make sure they can take it.

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