Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

20 questions to ask a guy youve just started dating a new guy, flirty questions to ask a guy

Tell me a secret sexual fantasy of yours that you want to try with me. For instance your date might put in a hour week at work, but if she still has the time and energy to hit the gym thrice a week, you know that health and fitness score high with her. What is a tradition you did as a child that you want to do with your kids someday?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Tell me something about your first ever kiss Whats your idea of romance? You may be bridging the relationship gap with these powerful love buzz questions.

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Something that is your fetish when it comes to sex? What do you think should be our next step to make our sex life more exciting?

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What is the most important to him that his wife could give him? These questions are designed to make his easy going side shine through. What expectations do you have of yourself? Would you ever consider moving in together?

20 questions to ask a guy you just started da

Do you have any sisters or brothers? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? And there you have it -- a good mix of some of the most fun, serious and random questions that you can get your hands on.

Which is the result? If you could take your girlfriend anywhere on earth where would you go?


If I ever surprised you when you were masturbating while thinking about me, would you be embarrassed by it? Someone said you were looking for me? Have you ever gotten drunk and blamed being drunk on something you said or an action that hurt someone else?

Do you prefer going out or staying in? Have you ever cybered with a stranger?

Questions to ask guy dating

Here are some sexy and dirty questions to ask a guy. Do you see us getting married in the future? Who was your celebrity crush as a teen? Have you ever peed in a pool?

Questions to Ask a Guy (Dirty, Personal, Funny, Awkward)

If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Do you prefer candlelit dinners at home or a fancy restaurant setting? Here's a list of top 50 flirty questions to ask a guy so that a woman can engage him in smart conversation and they also act as an ice-breaker between the two.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?


How many days a week do you get together with friends? Would you risk your life to save mine? A place where you like to be kissed? A romantic mountain where we can be locked in our room all day or a destination or beach party where we can grind and make out while having fun and dancing in the nightclubs?

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Try to avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no, as you want questions that will lead to conversations. What job would you consider as your dream job? What to ask a guy Cute question to ask a guy.

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What is your happiest memory from the past? Isn't that what you wanted? Sounds crazy but its still a question lol: If you were with me now, if you could do anything for me at this time, what would you do?

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What celebrity do you have a secret crush on?